Armor Attack


Coursework for the module Development Project of the MSc Games Programming at the University of Hull. The project was developed in groups. Ours was formed by Nuno Leiria, Aritra Pramanik, Matthew Golder, Ashley Waters, Linda Chan and me. It took 2 months to complete.

The goal of this project was to evolve an old arcade game while improving team work skills and work division. The game chosen was the arcade shoot ’em up Armor Attack.

The development was divided in three different stages:

  1. Implement an exact copy of the original game
  2. Evolve the game and port both versions to the PSP
  3. Port the original and the evolved game to the PS3

I had the responsibility to implement the game engine and the enemies AI. The game engine was component-based with an event-driven architecture. Finite-state machines and path waypoints were used for the AI behaviours. I implemented an XML parser for loading the game configuration.

I also helped with the graphics module and the port of the evolved game engine to the PSP and PS3. The process of porting the game to the different platforms was facilitated thanks to the architecture designed by Nuno Leiria. The game engine was totally independent from the core engine and therefore from the platform underneath.


  • Cross platform engine (Windows, PSP, PS3)
  • Component-based development on a event-driven architecture
  • Finite-state machine AI
  • Vector graphics
  • Particle systems
  • Evolved gameplay with powerups
  • Scoreboard


  • Evolved game versionCopy of the original gameCooperative gameplayDifferent game modesScoreboard