OpenGL demo


Coursework for the modules Real-Time Computer Graphics and C++ Programming and Design of the MSc Games Programming at the University of Hull. The project was developed in 2 months.

The aim of this coursework was to produce a graphics demonstration programme written in C++. It demonstrated a number of the algorithms and techniques developed within the modules. The demo used GXBase, an object oriented OpenGL framework developed at the Department of Computer Science. The final programme had a number of modes of operation driven both from a script file and through user interaction.

The demo itself consisted of a room filled with objects of different shapes. These objects could follow an L-System path. While the objects were moving they could leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Also, lights on the corners of the room were able to follow a determinate object. All the graphics, special effects, options and view modes should be configured by the user from script files and activated on a key press.

To create the different shapes of the objects I developed a mesh creator that saved the object information on custom script files.


  • Wireframe, flat, smooth Gouraud, smooth textured and cartoon shading view modes
  • Special effects as fog and shadows
  • Spotlights that followed objects
  • Three breadcrumb types (i.e points, billboards and cubes)
  • Repository classes to minimize the memory and loading times
  • L-System path parser


  • Wireframe smooth Gouraud view modeSpotlights followed objects casting shadowsCartoon shading view modeL-System path animationsBreadcrumbs affected by gravity