Three thing game


Three Thing Game was a 24 hours game development competition for students at the University of Hull. It was managed by Jon Purdy and Rob Miles in conjunction with Platform Expo.

Each team was composed by up to 5 students. Our team was formed by Nuno Leiria, Mario Mompean, Mehul Shukla and me.

Three “things” were assigned to each team which had to develop a game about them on an XNA platform (PC, XBOX360 or Windows Phone). Our “things” were kitchen, dragon and duel, consequently our game was called Kitchen Dragon Duel and was developed for Windows Phone.

Kitchen Dragon Duel‘s background story was about a boy that got sick after eating food in bad condition. Because of the food poisoning, he became delirious and had hallucinations with dragons. He had to defeat these dragons to recover.

The game mechanics had two stages. On the first phase, the player had to catch the dragon while avoiding obstacles thrown by it. The boy was controlled by tilting the phone. Once the dragon was captured, the player had to complete a quick time event. If he succeeded the life of the dragon drained.

Our team came 2nd out of 15 teams.


  • Per-pixel collision detection
  • Particle system with random patterns
  • Accelerometer input for the catch phase
  • Touch input for the quick time event
  • Astonishing story and art


  • Player's had to fight a dragonRandom patterns of particlesQuick time eventThe story was about food poisoningOur three “things” were kitchen, dragon and duel