Coursework for the module Game Development Architectures of the MSc Games Programming at the University of Hull. The project was developed in 1 month.

This exercise of game design mimicked the project assigned to the candidates for a job position in a game company. The candidates had to design and develop a game using the Scratch visual programming system. The game itself had to include a list of characteristics such as scoring, levels and audio. Once finished, it was judged by fun, originality, presentation, gameplay ideas and script structure and readability.

Zombies was a shoot ’em up where the player had to defeat wave after wave of zombies. The game mechanics were easy, kill everything and do not die in the attempt. The player could use a gun to kill the zombies but it had to be reloaded when the full round was over. However, bullets were unlimited. Zombies followed the player and attacked him when he got in range.


  • Easy gameplay and goal to accomplish
  • Incremental difficulty for continuous challenge
  • Scoring that allowed playing the game several times
  • Health became bonus points at the end of each round to reward good players
  • Random factors were introduced to avoid zombie packing, i.e. a ±50% speed or direction deviation
  • Feedback came from the HUD and audio
  • Tried to maximize the platform opportunities


  • Incremental difficultyGame instructions were included in-gameZombies had random speed and direction deviationsThe gun had to be reloadedGameplay was prioritized over graphics